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web hosting 120x60-greenWith this post I will start Procuremental’s recommendations section and whom else should I first recommend if not the web hosting service this blog is using. I am aware that web hosting services might not interest majority of people, therefore I will not go into technical details, but will concentrate more on the “regular customer” side.

Who needs web hosting?

The simplest answer would be – anyone who wants to have their very own website. Nowadays building a website has become quite easy for all who can read and write. With the help of various web developing tools you can create a simple website in minutes without any professional experience (the quality such kind of 1-minute website is of course another story). Web hosting is needed when you want to be in control of your website, i.e. your website is built and managed by you and is not part of some other website (no matter if using a personal domain or not), with restrictions set by this service provider.

For example – Procuremental is built by me and I have full control over every aspect of this website. Although I have not written any code or not even designed this page (some simple changes and adjustments only), I use WordPress and its themes and plugins to present my ideas, I still have absolute power over Procuremental. So if you want to have your own website that is truly yours and not just a sub website under some bigger portal, web hosting is a thing you have to deal with.

Wide range of web hosting possibilities

There are a lot of web hosting providers available and choosing between them might seem a bit difficult at first, but I can assure you – it isn’t. Now I should write something like: “…because you should choose my recommended host, they are the best…”, but I will not, this wouldn’t be honest. My honest opinion is, that there are multiple good and very good web hosts available, it’s just a matter of personal likes and requirements set by your plans, that make the difference between them (and the price, of course). Probably all (or at least most of) solid web hosting service providers meet the standard requirements, that are set by a casual user and you would be as happy with your good host, as I am with mine.

So by recommending my host, I’m actually describing the qualities any good web hosting provider offers or should offer. Anyway:

125x125-495 Site5I recommend Site5

… and here are the main reasons why:

Excellent customer service

Their willingness to answer questions, give instant feedback and also respond to criticism, was something I discovered while doing background search among different web hosts. Particularly noteworthy were their responses to criticism – no matter how arrogant or otherwise unpleasant was a negative comment, their answers were always polite and aimed at solving the problem, rather than plain excuses and they have no trouble of admitting their faults, if applicable. This is something I appreciate very much in any kind of relationship (business or personal), no one is flawless and everyone can make a mistake, difference is in handling those unfortunate shortcomings and taking necessary steps to avoid similar issues in the future.

With Site5 I am 100% sure, that if I should have any problems regarding their service, my requests will be dealt with high professional manner and I will get fast and honest answers from them. I actually had a small technical problem, when I first signed up with Site5 and I sent them my question. Their first answer was almost instant and after my problem was made clear, it was solved at no time. The responses from both – 1st level support, who started to help me and sales department, who solved my problem – were so fast and helpful, that I almost wanted to have more problems, just to get support again, unfortunately I have not had any trouble since.

Great web hosting plans

All their web hosting plans have good prices. As Site5 is not a “cheap” host (I use the word “cheap” for crappy services), you can find solutions that cost less, but I would then suggest that you should be very careful and look out for possible hidden costs. According to my research, their prices are comparable or better than the prices of other similar, quality web hosts.

When I was researching and comparing the prices and features of similar hosts and different hosting plans, I found one particular feature offered by Site5, that made my decision easier – MultiAdmin. At this point I only compared shared web hosting prices and I was surprised to find this feature in their HostPro + Turbo plan. It is not the lowest priced plan, but starting from $11.95/mo you can host unlimited full-featured domains giving each their own control panel.

Web host Site5 468x60-2

Much more to discover

While those 2 reasons – customer support and prices compared to features – were the ones which eventually made me to choose Site5, I have discovered much more great options they offer. One of the best things for a casual website owner (or a newbie) like me, is the great number of one click script install possibilities they offer. Besides WordPress, you can also easily install other more or less popular scripts, like Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Moodle, EGroupware, phpBB, Coppermine, SquirrelMail, WikkaWiki and many more.

Naturally Site5 offers “regular” good host features (depending on chosen plan) like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited websites, backups, malware protection, easy sitebuilder, e-commerce features etc. I find very useful their free website migration offer – they will help you move your existing site from another host to Site5 for free (available for all plans). Good news for international users or websites with international readers is, that Site5 has servers all over the world, so you can choose the location that suits best for your plans.


I could write more about Site5, but this article has become too long already – so just go and check them out! If you like Site5 and start using their services, I would be very happy, if you could come back here and let me know (via commenting this post or contacting me directly). I would be equally thankful for negative comments – maybe I’ve missed something?

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