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Rare booksThe older I get, the more I’m starting to appreciate truly valuable things and good literary works are in my opinion one of mankind’s greatest achievements. And what would be more suitable for highlighting the greatness of literature, than owning special collectors editions, signed copies or rare books? Yes, of course – reading the book is, but I would like to think that this is obvious and no true literature lover would consider owning a book (no matter how valuable) more important than reading it. To be a true literature admirer, you don’t have to buy expensive special editions, leather-bound works or rare books, that are maybe hand-signed by authors, but – in case you are interested in collectible books, then I’d like to recommend VeryFineBooks.com

From rare books to your personal favorites

At VeryFineBooks.com you can find many interesting and desirable publications from various notable authors, that you can’t buy from regular bookstores. If you happen to be an advanced collector of signed books, then you might be interested in signed first editions like Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” or John F. Kennedy’s “Why England Slept”, together with various signed works by Stephen King and many others. The availability and assortment of such rare books is changing in time, so there is always something new to discover, even for an advanced collector.

Most people would probably not pay thousands of dollars for really valuable and rare books mentioned above and if you are not a devoted collector, I wouldn’t recommend you to do that either. I, for example, am not looking for expensive, truly rare books. Of course I would like to own a fine collection and I do respect bibliophiles who have prominent collections, but I will probably never have one myself. Instead I’ve been looking for somewhat less expensive, but still extraordinary editions of my favorite books, and VeryFineBooks.com is a good source for this as well. For me the hand-signing from author would be a plus, not a mandatory requirement and I will be happy to own “just” a limited edition, not even very rare.

Rare books as investment

Rare books at VeryFineBooks.comYes, collecting rare books can be seen as investment for future, as their value is changing over the years, but I wouldn’t buy any book just to earn some cash in future. I do not have necessary knowledge and skills to be able to identify rare books that will gain value over the time. Investing in books have similar risks to any other investment and if you are not a professional, you might loose your investment easily.

I still see acquiring rare books (or in my case – “just” limited editions) as an investment – investment to my personal happiness and satisfaction. I can imagine myself, lets say in 20 years, sitting in armchair and looking at my bookcase, where at the 3rd shelf is a fine line of beautiful, leather-bound editions of my all time favorite books and maybe there is even a locked shelf, where behind glass you can see those two really rare books with autographs… Wouldn’t it be nice? Now this is an investment!


Maybe rare books are not an option for everyone, but I think it is an interesting topic for any book lover and VeryFineBooks.com is a good place to start your exploration. As with any purchase – compare the prices, think it through and buy wisely! Just don’t waste your time too long, if you see something good as I did while preparing this article. There was an affordable collection available, but by the time I familiarized myself with the prices and general issues concerning rare books and limited editions, it was sold. Luckily they have the option to sign up for sold items, so when another copy becomes available, I’ll be notified via e-mail and I will be prepared! One good resource for beginning your own preparations is Wikipedia’s article about book collecting.


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