Sep 252013

Procuremental logoWelcome to Procuremental, a buyers guide to happiness! In this post I will give a brief overview of my plans with this blog and explain a little about the reasons behind creating this webpage.

From WPL to Procuremental

Procuremental is the second blog I’ve started, first is My WordPress Lessons (WPL) – a blog about my newbie steps in learning WordPress and web developing in general. Despite being 2nd in my chronological blogs list, Procuremental is my first blog, that is created with an actual blogging idea. WPL was started because I needed to learn WordPress and I thought that blogging would be the best way (as WP is originally meant for blogging). There was no general plan about what I want to write about in WPL, I just started to describe my progress as a WP newbie and was mostly testing different elements of WordPress. Another thing with WPL is that I’m writing about something I’m not good at, about things I’ve just started to use and familiarize myself with. This has made my blogging both easy and hard, easy because I can allow some mistakes in my posts (I’m not hiding my incompetence there) and hard because… – well, it is hard to write about something you lack knowledge of.

When I was struggling with one of my first posts there, where I also planned to recommend a service to other beginners, I found myself spending more time in researching the background of a service provider, searching alternative suppliers and comparing prices, than actually writing this article. So automatically I started to do what I’m good at – purchasing procedures, rather than focusing on article itself. That got me thinking – maybe I should focus on the things I know about and share the knowledge and tips I have, create some kind of a buyers guide. This was the starting point of my new blog. It took me some time to think this idea through, decide about the main plan and test my readiness to create relevant content, but finally I decided to start and make it as a buyers guide, collection of both – purchasing related thoughts or tips from a professional purchasing manager and my personal recommendations to shops and service providers around the internet world.

Buyers guide or personal blog?

How will I write it then – will it be more like a buyers guide, created to be followed or will it be more like a personal blog, where I share my thoughts and views? There is no direct answer yet, I want it to be both. I would like to share my thoughts freely, i.e. not restricted by some editing rules or strict framework, but I would like it also to be easily usable as a helping tool to make purchasing decisions. I am positive that this is doable and if not proven wrong, this is the path I take.

In my main category – Purchasing – I will write about things that, while used at my daily job (purchasing manager), have been useful or can be useful in everyday shopping. Occasionally there may be more general or in the opposite – more specific texts about purchasing, but the main idea of this category (and blog) should remain something like – “Buyers Guide – from a professional purchasing manager to you”, no fancy terms or other “professional” crap experts usually share, 50% are hiding their incompetence behind this anyway (the other 50% are ofc worth listening to, but might be hard for non-experts).

My recommendations – another “greedy” blogger

Before I end this introductory post, I would like to explain the planned usage of affiliate links in this blog. While many blogs use affiliate links to generate some income, some blogs are even created with only moneymaking purpose, I have not often seen a clear statement from a blogger about this matter. I want to be honest: Although this blog is not created just to make money, it will not make me unhappy, if I earn some cash to keep this up and running, maybe even create some new features and possibilities for users to benefit from. Anyway – will have a separate Recommendations category, where I will recommend shops, goods and services I think would be interesting for you to look at. Those posts will most likely have affiliate links and no matter what I say – those are used for monetizing this site.

Although affiliate links are used, I can assure you, that those posts are still written honestly and I will never recommend anything, that I do not like. I will go even further – if there is negative feedback about a recommended service, I will investigate it and the link is removed, if I’m convinced its not good enough. No link shall ever be added to this blog or kept here, if I myself would not use the goods or service offered. I will clearly state in every post, that uses an affiliate link, why am I recommending this (can be personal experience, background information, comparison of services, research etc), you are always welcome to comment any article, negative comments will not be rejected if general rules are followed.

Now I will start blogging. If you have any comments, either about my plans or about this blog in general, please feel free to contact me or post a comment below (according to my privacy policy, no e-mails are shared, I hate spam as much as you).

With best regards,

Rait Huusmann

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